Be Seen In the Neighborhoods You Serve

Best Value In Local Marketing

Zip Visible offers low cost high visibility personal brand marketing that highlights the activities of local charities you support. Residents patronize local businesses that support the communities where they live and work. Be seen in the neighborhoods you serve as a compassionate, caring, professional.

Unique Content

Zip Visible creates unique stories about charities you support and publishes them on your behalf.

Local Branding

Zip Visible improves personal brand awareness among people living in the zip codes you serve.

Persistent Visibility

Building community awareness takes persistence. We publish paid promotions to your target demographic every week.

Why Use Local Brand Marketing?

Traditional marketing is expensive. Place an advertisement on a bus stop bench for a month and you’ll spend $400 minimum! Shopping cart ads at a busy local store run $3-$4k a month.  Daily Ad placements in the local paper, radio, or television stations easily run $8-$16k a month.

None of these methods reach people on mobile devices, and this is why so many business professionals turn to online marketing. Social marketing is highly effective when the messaging is engaging, interactive, and targeted to people’s devices. Mobile communication is the method most used by your audience.

Local brand marketing is best when it avoids the hard sell and focuses on the soft sell. When people like and remember you, they seek you out when they are ready to use your services.  We’ve learned through years of trial and error that people ignore advertising but pay attention to compelling stories and shared experience. Our technique breaks through the marketing noise at a price that you can afford.

We Do The Work For You!

We research and publish content that is highly engaging, liked, and shared in your community. We also respond to the comments ensuring that every post is followed up with real human interaction. Zip Visible builds personal brand awareness through persistent interaction in the communities you want to reach.

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