Zip Visible Features


We Do the Research

When you sign up you will select a Charity to support. We research content and events for that charity to use in your promotions. When you contribute or participate in events, we publish content about those efforts based on our research.

We Write the Post

We create the content, find the images and share videos in your promotional stream all based on our research. You can send us content if you wish, but it’s really not necessary as we handle this work for you.

We Interact

Unlike traditional advertising, social marketing necessarily creates interactions. People  comment on your posts, like them, share them, and ask questions. We handle these interactions and pass those questions to you when they come in.

Audience Targeting

During setup we help you define your target audience. You will choose the Zip Code, gender(s), age range, and education level of your audience. This ensures the right people will see your posts and helps build your personal brand recognition.

Zip Code Targeting

Local reach by Zip Code ensures your marketing budget isn’t wasted reaching people outside your territory. Whether you only target one zip code or expand to four, your message will reach only those in the zip codes you choose.

Paid Promotion

Content isn’t King if the messages you share are not seen by your followers. Now days the only way your messages can reach your intended audience is through paid promotion. Your reach expands as you increase the number of posts and spend for each post.

Live Support

When you sign up we will call you to get the process rolling. We provide a live one-on-one training during our setup process and monthly webinar training on how to integrate our work with your other marketing efforts.

Cost Effective

Whether you choose 4,8, or 12 promotions per month, Zip Visible programs are the most cost effective of any social marketing service program. You’ll reach members of the communities you serve every month for less than 20 cents per person.

Choice of Charity

The most important selection you make will be the Charity you choose to support. We offer a standard selection of the best Charities to support, but you can choose to have us focus on one you already support.

Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?